Our passion is providing research-based instruction in structured literacy, vocabulary, comprehension, and handwriting to help all students become avid readers and writers.

We use the Orton Gillingham Approach (O-G) that is diagnostic, prescriptive, explicit, structured, systematic, cumulative, and multisensory. O-G focuses on the structure and use of sounds, syllables, words, and sentences when learning to break the code of reading.  O-G teaches children about the structure of language and uses multisensory activities to reinforce learning. This means that we engage students using visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile learning activities that are engaging, memorable, and fun to create pathways of learning in the brain!

Our Approach:

  • Multisensory – a variety of modalities to present information in ways that make sense
  • Individualized – utilizing the student’s strengths and interests to engage learning
  • Diagnostic – focusing on where the student needs instructions and support
  • Prescriptive – implementing tools and strategies to address specific needs as they arise in lessons
  • Explicit – teaching and practicing skills and routines to develop mastery
  • Cumulative – building from a baseline of skills and pacing that is right for the student

We go as fast as we can, but as slow as we must.

As a parent, I highly recommend the Learning Alliance Academy and Jen Opitz.  Jen assessed my twin girls, who struggled with different learning challenges, and individualized their programs to work on exactly what they needed.  She truly built their confidence as they began to succeed in both reading and writing.  It was wonderful to step back from the nightly struggles and see them use the skills and strategies that Jen taught them.  She is a miracle worker, and I feel confident that she can help your child as well. – Dawn